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For clients who curious about product knowledge, we collect some answers for frequent asked questions:

1.Q: What is fruit jelly?

A: Fruit Jelly is a Gelled Foodstuff made from Carrageenan, Konjac, Sugar ,Water etc. through many production processes 

including sol, blend, filling craft, sterilizing, cooling etc. The products can add milk powder, fruit juice, fruit pulp and nutrition 

fortifiers to form different flavour. Product Standard “Fruit Jelly Hygiene Standard” GB19299 and “Fruit Jelly” GB 19883.

2.Q: How to make fruit jelly thick? Without Gelatin 

A: To make our jelly thick we use Carrageenan instead of Gelatin. Because Gelatin is derived from animal collagen which is 

sometimes unsafe or unhealthy and it dissolved heavily when meets acid. Currently, the use of gelatin as food additive in 

fruit jelly is prohibited in China. So that’s why formal enterprises will not add gelatin.

3.Q: What is Carrageenan and its function?

A: Carrageenan is Natural Seaweed extract which has basic characteristics of dissolvable dietary fibre. Carrageenan in human 

body dissolved with fibrin and form a dissolvable complex which will be the energy of probiotics. Carrageenan in GB 2760 are 

with unlimited usage which proves it is a safe as food additive.