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Huaibei Jelly First Exports United States
- Jan 04, 2017 -

  In May, the Huaibei exported 26 tons, value $114,500 jelly goes well in the United States for customs clearance and sale, which is jelly exports for the first time in Huaibei, Huaibei jelly first successfully enter the United States market. United States FDA on jelly high import barriers, United States 21st CFR part 150 specially formulated jelly laws and regulations.

Due to jelly of edible object more for children, so, jelly of quality security standard requirements also relative high, for, Huaibei test quarantine Council to about export enterprise vision through United States related regulations standard, strengthening products quality tube control, on original accessories acceptance, and additives using, and thermal sterilization and finished test, link full troubleshooting risk hidden, guarantees products of quality security, urged Huaibei export products develop United States market, guarantees jelly smooth into United States market.