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Jelly And Pudding Is A Far Cry From
- Jan 04, 2017 -

A.jelly: jelly of appearance Crystal, taste soft sliding, production raw materials main is sugar, and Kara rubber, and dew rubber, and calcium, and sodium, and potash,, jelly of colloidal is by Kara rubber, and dew rubber mixed sugar boiling Hou cooling condensation and into, Kara rubber is seaweed class plant, dew rubber is from days South star section plant in the pumping proposed of Portuguese Gan poly sugar, are is natural plant polysaccharide, both are is water-soluble dietary fiber.

B.pudding: pudding jelly material can be corn starch, cassava starch can also be used, made from cornstarch pudding cools into a frozen state, cut and erect massive; when made with manioc starch jelly material, pudding is soft, just can't stand to condensation and liquid raw materials.